Choirs and Musicians

Singing together again!
Since mid-March we are all missing being together in our churches to celebrate Eucharist and pray together – we miss being together as choirs, cantors, organists, all of us involved in music ministry. Good news! We are presently getting in touch with music ministers and hope to get singing together in new and creative ways.

For this initiative we will focus on Pentecost Sunday, which this year will be celebrated on May 31st.  Drawing on all our gifts from the Holy Spirit, musicians and singers throughout the diocese will take part in a initiative to praise God in new and exciting ways.


  1. Get a choir member to sing a favourite hymn or psalm for Pentecost, record this on their phone/iPad and send either a visual or audio to  With permission from the musician/singer, this could be shared on the diocesan Facebook page?
  2. Maybe get your organist to record themselves playing a hymn for Pentecost or another suitable piece, with permission, this could be shared also.
  3. If there is a family of singers maybe they could be recorded singing together.
  4. Instrumentalists may like to play and record a favourite liturgical piece?
  5. Maybe even record what you miss about singing/playing with your music ministry group.

For more information choir directors may contact Tomás Kenny on 086 3683778 or email Tomás at


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As music is a part of life and celebration, so the use of music and song is an integral part of how we give praise to God in our liturgical celebrations. Music is not an ornament on a liturgy, but is woven into the whole of the celebration.

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Diocesan Guidelines and suggested services for various occasions

  • The occasion of your wedding is one of great joy                       For Couples
  • As soloist, organist, choir or instrumentalist                              For Musicians
  • Possible outline of a Carol Service                                                 Carol Service Guidelines