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The Ethos of a Catholic School      Catholic School Ethos 2021

The Schedule provides the legal definition of ‘Catholic ethos.’ Another way to defining ethos is to ask two related questions: ‘What is a catholic school?’ and ‘Who is it for?’ The Catholic school is a faith school that expresses a set of core values that can be described as human, religious, Christian and Catholic. These gospel values define its educational ethos. The educational vision which flows from these values is one which promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each pupil as a human person. Such a Catholic educational vision is inclusive and respectful of all and confidently engages with people of all beliefs.

Religious Education Policy Booklet

What is a Catholic School?
A Catholic school is a school that provides an education based on a living faith together tradition. Together, the Board, the principal and the staff, working with the Patron, the parents and the local parish, model a living human-religious-Christian educational tradition, to nurture the faith of Catholic pupils in a manner that is welcoming to and inclusive of the presence in that Catholic school, of pupils committed to other religious traditions.

Who is it for?
The Catholic school is primarily for those who value an education for their child in a faith school with a Catholic educational tradition.

The Catholic School
• Offers a distinctive vision of life, and corresponding philosophy of education; based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
• Strives to create a learning environment where every child is encouraged and enabled to develop to their full and unique potential as human beings, made in the image and likeness of God.
• Seeks to form pupils who will unselfishly use their gifts for the common good and are committed to work for a more just and caring society.
• Is a welcoming and inclusive community that is respectful and tolerant of all religious traditions and beliefs.
• Works in partnership with parents and the parish community to keep the light of faith received at baptism burning brightly.
• Provides opportunities for prayer, the celebration of liturgy and the sacraments
• Reflections on Ethos for the Teaching Staff and the Board of Management

Does the Ethos Statement of your school reflect these six statements?
How does someone who walks through the door of your school know that they are in a Catholic School?
How do you evaluate how effectively you are living out the Ethos Statement of your school?
How can you as a staff, and a Board of Management, enhance the implementation of the Ethos Statement of your school?
What one thing can you as a staff agree to do in the coming year to make the Ethos Statement a living reality?

“Fan into a flame the gift of God that you possess. You have been trusted to look after something precious, guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in you.” (Letter of St. Paul to Timothy)

Lord, help us to take an active part in creating in this school a faith community where all feel welcomed and cherished. Guide us, so that we fully understand what a privilege it is to belong to this faith community which values respect, peace, justice and joy. May our words and deeds reflect these Christian values. Help us to support a learning environment that enables everyone to achieve their full potential and develop their natural talents. Holy Spirit guide us as we strive to be people of faith, understanding and kindness in our school. Amen.


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