Junior Cycle


Click on the following link to access the new NCCA specification for Religious Education:




There are a number of helpful textbooks available that draw from the new Junior Certificate specification.

See Soul Seekers by Tom Gunning.  Published by Veritas Publications, there is a first year book and workbook available currently.  The second and third year combined book will be available shortly.  Sample books are available at Veritas.

  • https://www.veritasbooksonline.com/soul-seekers-junior-cycle-religious-first-year-10000638-43027/?gclid=CjwKCAjwmKLzBRBeEiwACCVihimGybGLK4LgFLZKfvPWx1rn4m7CU4mW-6efKtBn_nIpN_nWiPBKLBoCm7UQAvD_BwE

Also see InspiRE by Ailish Travers and Michael Purcell.  There is a workbook and teachers book available with this publication from Educate.ie  The combined first to third year book will be available for the coming academic year 2020-2021.

The Irish Episcopal Conference and Kate Liffey – National Director for Catechetics published the following document to help R.E. teachers, chaplains and principals regarding the new J.C. framework:

  • https://www.catholicbishops.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/RE-in-Framework-for-Junior-Cycle-web.pdf


There are also a number of resources available to compliment the class textbook.  For more information contact Tomás at tomaskenny@dioceseofkerry.ie

NUA Origins is a new Junior Cycle Resource produced by Scripture Union

Click here to download a helpful resource on the Parables

Click here to download an icebreaker exercise ‘FInd Someone Who…’

Click here to download a Personal Reflection Question Sheet – Back to School

Click here to download a Revision Quiz

Click here to download Who wants to be a millionaire RE quizpowerpoint