Training Courses


There are now over 500 people in the diocese who have undertaken the Diocese of Kerry Course in Pastoral Ministry. This is a great source of renewal and deepening of faith and ministry for all. Participants have enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow ministers as well as the opportunity to interact with theologians around key aspects of faith and ministry.

Hosted by Killorglin Pastoral Area  for 2019 – 2020

Beginning on Sept 25th, the Course in Pastoral Ministry is calling on ministers and others in  Killorglin Pastoral Area who would like to undertake the course. It takes place over 20 Wednesday evenings, 8-10 pm  in Tom O’Donnell Hall, Market St. Killorglin.

Brochure-Form Side 1 P. Min Crse 2019-20 Killorglin

Brochure-Form Side 2 P. Min Crse 2019-20

Who is this course for? It is for members of parish pastoral councils, liturgy groups, finance committees and safeguarding children committees. It is for those who are involved in children’s liturgy groups, pre-sacramental preparation and baptism teams. It is for those who are already involved in ministry in their parish, and all who wish to become more involved in their parish.

This training course will…

Nurture the personal and spiritual growth of all who are involved in ministry in today’s Church.

Develop the confidence and competence of those involved in parish ministry, enabling them to make a greater contribution to the life of their parish and the Church.

Equip parish ministers with the knowledge, skills and practice needed to be effective in parish.

Some of the topics covered

Mission of Jesus Christ and Mission of the Church

Call of Baptism

Role and Function of Parish Groups

Group Dynamics


Prayer and Spirituality


Ministering in the 21st Century


Social Justice

For more information, contact Frances Rowland @ 064 6632644.