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Preparing Thoughts Guidelines:

•  Prepare your Thoughts in writing to be delivered in conversational style

•  Use simple language and images – you are on radio

•  Speak as if to someone beside you

•  Think – reflective – spiritual – uplifting


•  Preaching or Moralising

•  Promoting the point of view of a particular Religion or Faith.

Taking directly from other peoples writings without referencing them.


You are writing for Radio, so prepare your Thought with the listener in mind. S/he cannot refer back up the page for another take on that polished literary phrase.

Think of just one listener as your audience, one who is waiting to share that spiritual moment with you.

Consider the power of the listener’s imagination. Allow space in your Thought for that power to work, for your Thought provokes other thoughts. Those who prefer good radio to television do so because “the pictures are better on Radio” – allowing the listener to make the pictures.

A good opening will get the listener on your side.

The Thought is a single idea or anecdote worked with relevance to the day or season, an oasis of reflection in the midst of day to day preoccupations. For this to work it must connect with the listener’s experience or emotions; s/he will not only hear what you are saying but also relate to it.

Simple words in short sentences will get you there.

“A man travelled from Jerusalem to Jericho ….” The only time Our Lord quoted from The Law was when he was among Lawyers. When getting a message across to his people he used language and situations that they understood.

Please do not preach, promote the position of a particular Religion, or draw moral conclusions.

Now for the Thought:

When you think of Joy; Sorrow; Strength; Anger; Pain; A Pleasant Surprise; Peace; Generosity; Holidays; Need; Family; Love; an Inspiring Person or Incident; the Wonder of God in His Creation, etc., etc., what do you see in your mind’s eye?

130 to 150 words should fit within the minute (58 seconds) allowed. You’ll do a great deal of scratching and deleting to get there. Like any well-crafted product the finished article will be a joy to the ear / senses.