Features 2010

August 2010

Aug 1st Fr. Jim Cogley: How’s your Self?
Aug 8th Margaret Ahern: Tracing My Journey –home!
Aug 15th Fr. Peter Mc Verry: Verry Revolutionary
Aug 22nd Sr Stanislaus Kennedy: Not just Standing Still
Aug 29th Fr. Dan Ahern:
Finding Fiji

August 2009 included:

Fr. Tom O Connor on A life Tending to the ill and Dying
Fr. Pat O Donnell on Living with Cancer
Fr. Miguel Angel on Living the Vocation
Frances Rowland on The Inner Pilgrimage
Fr. Pat Ahern on The Fiddle, The Dance and the Message

Christmas 2009 Features included:

Declan Mangan on Much Ado about Everything

Liam Lawton on Life and Church