What is prayer?

It is the means by which we express our relationship with God. It is being in the company of God, sometimes we chat, sometimes we listen and at other times we are happy just to be in his presence. Prayer is our heartfelt response to a loving God who desires our presence and our receptiveness to His unconditional love. Prayer is our way of saying “Hello” to God.
Monica Browne states it well in her hymn “Hello My God”
“Hello my God.
It’s me again.
It’s good to take the time to sing ‘hello’ to you.
I thought I’d like to tell you that it makes me glad to know…
that you’re always there to hear me sing “Hello” to you.
Hello my child. Are you listening my love?
Listen well, there’s something special I want you to know.
Hello my child. Believe me my love.
You make me glad when you give me the chance
To tell you ‘I love you, my child.’
‘I love you, my child.’

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