Come aside….

This is the invitation of Jesus Christ to each one of us – to come aside and rest awhile so that we might enjoy the fullness that life offers. Sometimes, in the busyness of our every day, we can lose sight of the gift of life given to each of us. Taking some time to pray offers us a space in which we can rest and encounter anew God’s dream for us, for the world.

Useful Prayer Sites

Sacred Space – Ignatian prayer on the Scripture readings of the day

Christian Meditation – Prayer of silence and stillness

Praying with Scripture – Ignatian spirituality

Praying the Word – How to do Lectio Divina

Practice of Gratitude – Br. David’s website on the prayer of gratitude and appreciation


During times of prayer, we need to use silence and pauses, to enable us to hear what has been said, to allow the words of our prayer to find an echo in our hearts and to allow us hear God and be touched by God.


Perhaps your experience of prayer has been of the rosary, prayer books, novenas….or maybe it has been one of silence, quiet, hopeful yearnings. Prayer can also happen in quiet moments, using gentle reflections, common prayers, and scripture passages. Take your time to pray with them.

Time and pace

Take your time with prayer – God is not in a rush, so let’s pause and slow down.


The time you put into being prepared and organised for prayer, will make it easier for you to enter into the time of prayer and also allow it to be more enriching for you. Use prayers you know…use prayers, reflections written by others….but remember these are just a help – make your own of them, and trust the Holy Spirit.


For many of us, opening up to a new way of prayer can be a challenging experience. And like all new things, it takes time to get used to. So practice for all of us will ease the way!