Diocesan Collections

Dates of Collections for Church Funds in the Diocese of Kerry

Needs of the Holy Land January 1st/2nd
Lourdes Helpers Feb 5th/6th
Emigrant Services  March 12th/13th
Peter’s Pence April 23th/24th
Education of Clergy  May 14th/15th
Family Services & Accord June 4th/5th
Sick & Retired Priest  July 2nd/3rd
Pastoral Centre August 6th/7th
Diocesan Needs   September 3rd/4th
Mission Sunday  October 22nd/23rd
Irish Church Commissions & Agencies November 5th/6th
Diocesan Youth Service December 3rd/4th

Permit issued from 6 p.m. on Saturday to 2 p.m. on Sunday

in respect of the dates listed above.