Senior Cycle


Within the Diocese there are  schools providing students with the opportunity to study Religious Education as a subject for the Leaving Certificate. RE was examined at this level for the first time in 2005. Students studying RE should further develop their understanding of the Christian Tradition.

Click here to dowload the Leaving Certificate Religious Education Syllabus (Exam)

Click here to download the Leaving Certificate Religious Education Syllabus (Irish Version)



Non Exam

Schools not offering RE as an examination subject also make a provision of RE classes for their Students. The NCCA has drawn up a Curriculum Framework for Senior Cycle RE. This is an optional framework which provides teachers with a structure for planning appropriate classes for their students.

Click here to download the Senior Cycle Curriculum Framework (Non Exam)



NUA is an excellent Senior Cycle Resource produced by Scripture Union.

Scripture Union are currently working on NUA – Origins for Junior Cycle.

Potential Resource for Morality Discussion at Senior Level, CLICK HERE.

Seek and Find A sampler of the new Senior cycle non exam text.

No Limbs No Limits An article about Joanne O Riordan from The Messanger

Letter to Self:Establishing my starting point Lesson Idea Start of School Year

A Movie About Me Lesson Idea

Kerry Earth Week Lesson Idea


Retreat Resources

Where Religious Education is not an examination subject it presents an oppertunity for the school to develop creative programmes for the students.  There are a number of centres throughout the country that provide youth retreats to post-primary schools.  The D.A. would be very happy to pass on any helpful links in this regard.

Our own Retreat Centre at Ardfert facilitates Retreats and would be more than happy to hear from you.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Click on the respective locaton below to view alternative programmes.

Catholic Retreat Centres in Ireland

Redemptorists in Esker, Co. Galway

Redemptorists in Cork