Garda Vetting



Primary School Vetting: Forms available from: St. Senan’s Education Office  

Parish Vetting – Part 1: Proof of identity

  1. Download, print and complete vetting invitation form (available on Diocesan website)
  1. Bring completed form along with appropriate identification to your local Parish Priest. Appropriate identification is highlighted on page two of the vetting invitation form
  2. Parish Priest will photocopy identification and vetting invitation form and store both securely
  3. Parish Priest will sign and post original invitation form to Diocesan Office

 Part 2: Complete email application

  1. You will receive an email from the Vetting Office, please check your junk mail, occasionally the email will appear here
  2. Follow instructions in the email, you will be asked to enter the following: Place of birth; passport number; mother’s maiden name; and previous addresses.

Part 3: Vetting approval

  1. Once vetting is complete both the applicant and the Parish Priest will receive an email notification of the vetting outcome.