Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is the church caring for the young, offering them Jesus’ delightful vision of human possibility. It is about reaching out to them and giving them opportunities to use their gifts within the community. Out of this positive relationships with others, society and God will develop.

Youth ministry is a ministry to, with, by and for young people that involves their families, their parish community and the larger community. It is not about programmes and events, but about providing a service to, with and for young people.


Elements of Youth Ministry

The following have been identified as core elements of Youth Ministry:

The Ministry of Leadership Development

Providing adults and young people with the knowledge and skills to work with others in an empowering manner;

The Ministry of Advocacy

Standing up for those who are powerless and voiceless in society;

The Ministry of Justice and service

Working for justice and serving those in need;

The Ministry of Community Life

Creating a sense of welcome and assuring all young people that they are valued and cared for;

The Ministry of Evangelization

Creating awareness of God’s merciful love and compassion;

The Ministry of Catechesis

Nourishing the life of faith of the young person;

The Ministry of Pastoral Care

Providing a compassionate presence to those who are hurting and in need;

The Ministry of Prayer and Worship

Celebrating and deepening young people’s relationship with God through prayer and worship.


For further information contact: BernieMcCaffrey, John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Rock Road, Killarney.

Ph. 087 6484367