Confirmation Videos

Lesson 1 – Holy Spirit, Trinity, Power of the Spirit and Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Insights gained from every day use of the word Spirit (Community, team, Christmas, inspired etc)

Who the Holy Spirit is and the Holy Spirit as a Person of the Trinity – reflection on the Trinity.

The difference the Holy Spirit makes in the life of Jesus and the disciples.

Symbols of the Holy Spirit – Fire, Wind, Dove. Insights gained from these symbols.


Lesson 2 – Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   

Begins with a quick fire quiz revising what was learned in previous lesson.

Explore what fruits and a gifts of the Holy Spirit are. Reflection on how we all have the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit – a game is played where the children guess what gift of the Spirit each picture represents and these gifts are explored. Children are asked to think about what gift of the Holy Spirit they feel that they need to strengthen.

The nine fruits of the Holy Spirit – a game where the children are invited to guess what fruit of the Holy Spirit is being described.

A final game whereby the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are combined and explored further.


Lesson 3 – The Confirmation Ceremony

Begins with a quick fire quiz revisiting what was learned in a previous lesson.

A name identification game is played and leads into a discussion on the significance of names and the importance of putting time and effort into choosing a confirmation name. Children are encouraged to choose a saint’s name and some saints are referenced.

The significance of a sponsor is explored.

The four parts of the Confirmation Ceremony are explored

  1. Calling by Name
  2. Renewal of Baptismal Promises
  3. Laying on of Hands
  4. Anointing with Chrism.

A reflection is given on how the ceremony might be different during the current pandemic.

A reminder that confirmation is not an ‘end’ but should be a new beginning.


Confirmation PowerPoints Mary Healy

1st Confirmation ppp

2nd Confirmation ppp with Video

3rd Confirmation ppp