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December – Nollaig 2020

Advent: The season to allow Christians to enter into the mystery of waiting.

Here’s a very special  Advent Resource for you. your family, school  and your faith community: Cultivating Hope in Advent.

and here’s another

An Advent Calendar for you.

Cultivate Hope by lighting the Advent candles in awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

29 November/Samhain: First Sunday in Advent

A prayer as you light the third candle on your wreath: As the earth turns away from the sun and enters the season of darkness, a darkness which is necessary for the bulbs and seeds to ready themselves for the burst of growth in Spring, so do we enter the time of waiting that is Advent. We pray that we may use this time as wisely as the earth does, preparing our hearts and spirits for the celebration of the wonder that is the incarnation, God becoming flesh and living among us. We A prayer as you light the third candle on your wreath: light this candle for hope.

..we the clay, you the potter, we are all the work of your hand..   First Reading Isaiah 64, 8.

We pray that our longing for you in the weeks of Advent may soften our hearts and form in us the image of your Son.
Lord, hear us.

Action: Take time to reflect on the beauty of God Creation today, our Common H0me….it is fragile and precious.

Wait on the Lord in prayer and let Emmanuel come to you.


1 December/Nollaig

World AIDS Day 

There were 37.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2018.It is a global emergency claiming approximately 5,000 lives every day in some of the poorest countries.

Trócaire is helping people get access to care and treatment in the countries where they work.

Action:IDS.Pray for all those struggling with AIDS/HIV Support Trócaire’s work for our brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS


2 December/ Nollaig

Today, we remember the Churchwomen of El Salvador—Sr. Dorothy Kazel, Sr. Ita Ford, Sr. Maura Clarke, and Jean Donovan—who were martyred on December 2, 1980, killed because they were committed to standing in solidarity with the economically poor and marginalized in the country.

Action: Pray for all missionaries who like Dorothy, Ita, Maura and Jean continue to stand in solidarity with the those on the margins of our societies.


26 Nov-10 December/ Nollaig

The 16 Days Action against Gender based violence continue

Action: Stay awake, be alert for someone who might need support or /and to be linked to an agency for help.

Look at these leaflets, consider downloading one, reflect and pray about what small action you might take.Share the link.


 6 December/Nollaig

Feast of St. Nicholas: a beloved and wonderful Bishop of Myra (in modern-day Turkey). He was born in Asia Minor in A.D. 260 and orphaned at an early age.

“One action can change the world”. “When you buy a Trócaire Gift you’re not just giving. You’re joining the fight for justice”. Trócaire

Action: Choose a Trócaire Global Gift and change someone’s world this Christmas. Call 1850 408 408

Second Sunday of Advent:

A prayer as you light the second candle on your wreath: Silent but attentive God, as we light this second candle, we pray for the protection of what remains of the wilder parts of our world. Remind us, Lord, that we need wild places for the restoration of our deeper selves. Only in such places can we be drawn into harmony with Nature in its wonder, its playfulness, its surprise, its beauty and its lavishness. Lure us, Lord, into the wilderness and speak to our hearts (Hosea 2:14) so we can remember that we are all called to live with Nature as brothers and sisters and to share her gifts generously with one another. Pour out Advent Peace on us as we gather here around this Wreath. Let us be brave and active, our best gift to the world in this troubled Advent time. Amen.


8 December/Nollaig

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

“prepare a way for the Lord, make his paths straight”. Luke 3:4

Action: Take a little quiet time to reflect and pray so that you can be aware of both your own needs and the needs of the people around you.

10 December/Nollaig

International Human Rights Day (71st Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948)

A reminder of the persistence of violations of human rights throughout the world.

Action: Read the Universal Declaration  and consider one small action.


19  December/Nollaig

Hannukah (Jewish) begins…

Festival of Lights, eight days and nights, is celebrated with blessings, games and festive foods. Hanukkah marks the restoration of the temple by the Maccabees in 164 BCE.

Action: Remember that young Jewish girl called Mary who said “yes” to new life and brought such light into our world over 2000 years ago and be a blessing for those you meet today.


13 December/Nollaig

Third Sunday of Advent:

A prayer as you light the third candle on your wreath: O God, source of light and darkness, let the lighting of this third candle be a sign of our willingness to speak for the light; to be, like John the Baptist, a witness to the light. It is to John we turn for inspiration today as one who found in the wilderness the grace of seeing clearly. May we find in our time a voice to protect our wild places for ‘in wilderness is the preservation of the world’ (Henry David Thoreau). We pray that the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with the light of joy and thanksgiving so that we may live as children of the light blessing one another and the sacred earth by what we say and do. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, the Light of the world.Amen.


18 December/Nollaig

International Day of Solidarity with Migrants.

Officially proclaimed in 2000 to commemorate the adoption of by the UN of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.

Action: Be vigilant about the rights of migrant workers and their families in your own local community. Be sure to extend the “Céad Míle Fáilte” to them.


20 December/Nollaig Fourth Sunday of Advent

A prayer as you light the fourth candle on your wreath: Spirit of God, Calling together the creatures of the earth, the vulnerable with the powerful. By your becoming one with creation renew the earth. Come to our divided world, come to our fragmented lives; come to heal and save. In you our life is one again and all things come together: each connected to the other, ourselves and all things living: heaven and earth, time and space, the whole created universe in you. Through Christ, Amen.


21 December/Nollaig

Winter Solstice

This Celtic festival of the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year…the darkest time of the year but as we celebrate the return of the light today we know that the LIGHT of the WORLD will bring warmth and life back to our earth again…’Our Common Home’.

 Action: Walk in the evening light and give thanks for the freedom to do so!


25 December/Nollaig

Christmas Day/Lá Nollaig

The Word of God, Jesus Christ, on account of His great love for us, became what we are, in order to make us what He is Himself. St. Irenaeus.

“Christmas is the feast of the Divine explosion, the Love of god revealed in the poverty of Christ.”      John Main.

Action: Rejoice and give thanks for this amazing Christmas gift beyond value, no-one can ever take it from you.


End of 2020 to 2021….‘Let us continue, then, to advance along the paths of hope’  Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti, 55

An idea…Could you help to start a ‘Care of Creation Group’ in your parish in 2021?

Some suggestions for books to read or/and gift to others:

 A Creed for Today. Faith and Commitment for our New Earth Awareness. Donal Dorr. Published by Veritas

Fratelli Tutti:Newest Encyclical by Pope Francis on Fraternity and Social Friendship.  Published by Veritas

Theology and Ecology in Dialogue. The Wisdom of Laudato Si’. Dermot Lane. Messenger Publications