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Monday October 29th 2012
If only we could see each day – as a new beginning and a fresh start. We keep bringing so much of yesterday with us.

Like a canvas – we may have used the wrong colours yesterday. Who hasn’t?
We all look back and say – ‘If only – I didn’t do this or didn’t do that’.
But we can do so much more – by starting again – ‘today’.

We are fast moving from October into November. There is a sense of time slipping by. Before we know it will be Christmas.

We can choose our own colours, – we can choose to make this day as good as we can. If we use the image of colour, then God sends us many and varied colours. We are never stuck to one colour.

In a world where there is so much ‘doom and gloom’ , we must remind ourselves of God’s invitation – that ‘life and especially today is given to us to make the most of it’.

This Bank Holiday Monday and the ‘mid-term ’ gives me the opportunity to reflect:
that as I get out of your bed this morning – to remind myself:
‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life’.

Tuesday, October 28th 2012
Now that the clocks have gone back, we all know the comforts of a lovely open fire on a cold winter’s night. But once a fire goes out there is no going back. You can start blowing and blowing on the ashes in the hearth – and yet it will never go back to the warmth and heat that it gave out earlier. That fire served its purpose and it is now – time to move on.

The same goes with mistakes made – or regrets over something in our past. Nothing can undo or change what has happened. If we continue looking into the dead ashes we are just stuck.
For any healing or growth to take place – we must move on or at least take a step forward in hope. Jesus constantly found people looking into dead ashes.
He encouraged and gave them permission to move on with their lives.

‘Yesterday is history – tomorrow is mystery – and today is for living’

Wednesday, October 31st 2012
Today, Oct. 31st – we celebrate Halloween. Halloween has its origins going right back to our Celtic ancestors who celebrated the feast of Samhain on the eve of November 1st. They celebrated the New Year on this day because it was a time of transition from light to darkness.

Leaves are fallen – Days are getting shorter. We ready ourselves for winter. They also believed that the boundary between the living world and that of the dead was very thin, so that the spirits of the dead returned.

Children love it with their ‘Trick or treat’. For adults it brings back childhood memories of ‘snap apple’ and other simple games that still survive. It puts us in touch with the mystery of life and that some things in life are in darkness. It puts us in touch with the struggle between good and evil.

Halloween may have pagan origins but the Christian message is wrapped around it. It’s a simply that ‘God encourages us and is there for you’.

So make the most of today and enjoy Halloween!

Thursday, November 1st 2012
Today, Nov. 1st is the ‘Feast of All Saints’. It is a lovely feast day because basically we are celebrating LOVE. At its heart is love. It is a feast day that is – all about the love of all our loved ones who have died and are now with God.

These people lived good decent down to earth lives. There are countless millions of people like that – perhaps relatives of yours – neighbours – friends. They may not have been famous, they may not have made headlines, but in God’s eyes they are now celebrities. We all know someone.

Those people who in life – they were generous, patient and kind. They simply loved.
Love is God’s own gift to us and a present from above.

Today we call them ‘SAINTS’ and you can talk to them by praying to them. We thank them for all the love they have shown us down through the years.

‘Have a word with your saint today!’


Friday, November 2nd 2012
Today, November 2nd we celebrate ‘All Souls Day’.

Irish people have a great respect for their DEAD.

I often visit my local cemetery and I am moved with the rich history in it. – I recall the lives and memory of so many – young and old that I knew who were once with us – and now they are laid to rest.

During the month of November, in particular, people will visit a cemetery, say a prayer for a loved one who has died – and decorate a grave with a flower – or a night light.

Whether or not we should pray for the dead is one of the great arguments that divide Christians.

I firmly believe – praying for those who have died is a good thing. In prayer we stand in God’s presence – and in praying for those who have died we are in some way connected with them. We can pray to them and for them.

Today, we remember all who have DIED. Our nearest and dearest – They will always have a special place in our hearts.

Give them some time in your thoughts today.