Charismatic Renewal

Principles of Charismatic Renewal

All Catholics are charismatic by virtue of their baptism. The Charismatic Renewal is not a movement, but rather an action of the Holy Spirit. By definition it is the renewal of the charisms given to each baptized Christian as a gift of God’s very presence, in the person of the Holy Spirit. We are recreated and made temples of the Holy Spirit. Baptism in the Holy Spirit, as the term was used in the 1970’s to 1990’s, is the metaphysical experience whereby recipients of God’s grace surrender/yield by an act of their free will to the grace of the charisms already present in them as their baptismal gift.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit can be evidenced by:

An internalization of the truths of the faith,

A deeper sense of the awe of God,

An awareness of the omnipresence of God,

A love for scripture and its application in one’s daily life,

A zeal for the sacraments,

A zeal to evangelize,

A zeal for church unity,

A zeal for fellowship/communal relationships,

A zeal for truth versus opinion,

A hunger for growth in holiness, and knowledge of God,

An emotional connection (love) and personal relationship with the Triune God.

The charismatic gifts listed in Corinthians 12 – 14 are given to all Christians from the fullness of the Holy Spirit present within them. Awareness of, acceptance of, and implementation of these gifts is necessary in order for the Christian to be able to fully access the power present to them by their baptism.

Charismatic Renewal is not limited to any special interest groups. The Spirit is present in all aspects of the Church constantly renewing individuals, institutions, religious orders, public and private associations, movements, communities and members of Charismatic Renewal organizations who have become lukewarm.

The guiding principle of renewal is the surrender of ones life over to the Lordship of Jesus as the ultimate head of the church and surrender to the competent authority He has established for its governance. Charismatic Renewal as a worldwide action of the Spirit has two common thrusts: First Evangelization, which is defined as the ongoing conversion of the person, the family, the parish and the society by the power of the Holy Spirit so that all would have, “such an enthusiasm for their faith that, in living their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others.” (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in “Go and Make Disciples”)

The main goal of Renewal is to have every Catholic be evangelized in heart (emotions), mind, and will:

` In our hearts, that we internalize the truths of our faith and become Catholic to the core of our being.

In our minds, that we understand what the Church is teaching, why it teaches it, and how to explain the truths of the Church to others.

In our wills, that we, as Church, show through our actions what we know and believe to be true.

Another goal, Ecumenism, is working in grass roots effort (supporting the official ecumenical efforts of the Vatican and our diocese) for the reunification of the Christian Church into a visible and recognizable institution centred on the truths Jesus revealed about God and the Church.