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Please see below the resources I email to teachers on a weekly basis.  The material will include the date on which the resource was emailed.  The most recent email will be posted on the top of the page.

Posted on Thursday, March 10th 2016

Trócaire Resources

Click the following links to view the Let Your Mercy Vimeo and Laudato Si’ for Young People video that Hannah Evans (Church Officer for Trócaire) made available and here to access the Trócaire Parish Resources for Lent 2016.  I forwarded these to the schools via post as there are a number of helpful resources included for the classroom.

The BackPack Programme

The website for the Backpack team can be viewed here.  They are available for retreats.

On the Margins

Eoin Carroll from the Jesuit Team for Faith and Justice has kindly forwarded the On The Margins resource in electronic format. Click here to view/download the items that Eoin shared.

Global Justice Perspectives

Bríd Dunne, also from the Jesuit Mission Team shared the following resources, they can be viewed here.


September Resources 4 – Posted on 15th Sept. 2015

Additional September Resources

It’s time to wish the Jewish community Shana Tovah! today as Rosh Hasanah begins. Check out the links for this celebration on the Dublin Diocesan September Resources page.

BlendSpace – Celtic Spirituality Resource for use with Senior Students

Brendan O’Regan gave a great input on BlendSpace (another great resource for use in the classroom) at a recent event and has kindly shared the material based on BlendSpace & Celtic Spirituality; this is well worth taking a look at with a group of Senior students. If the students have access to Seek and Find, the link could be used as a great introduction or final task, when exploring Lesson 85.

Wherever People are Suffering…

From Twitter, this sentiment seems poignant as the refugee crisis escalates; wherever people are suffering…

As the harrowing images and scenes communicated daily, continue to grip international attention, many of you have been seeking support material. See the following resource, kindly shared by Brίd Dunne (Irish Jesuit Mission Office): Refugee Crisis 2015 (It’s the first resource loaded on this page)

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Sunday’s Gospel offers much potential for exploration in the classroom if we pause and ask ourselves; who do we say that Jesus is? iCatholic has created this beautiful video reflection based on the scripture passage. Perhaps, you have seen this second video before – Who Do You Say That I Am? – but it could work really well used in conjunction with iCatholic‘s offering, to reinforce the message in student-friendly terms.

RE Congress – Mater Dei October 17, 2015

As mentioned previously on my emails, plans for Engaging the Heart, the National Religious Education Congress 2015 are taking shape with plenty of inspiring workshops to avail of… Have you signed up to attend?  Any Kerry R.E. teachers interested please let me know and maybe we can travel as a group.

Pope Francis Emoji!

Take a look at this recent status, shared on Salt + Light’s Twitter feed, I fully agree with Colbert; the smile on Pope Francis’ face is inspirational. Also from Catholic Youth Work via Twitter, perhaps your students will enjoy this; have you got the Pope Emoji’s yet?

Faitharts 11/9/15

On the blog (  ) this week Brendan O’ Regan has been reviewing one of the ‘religious’ episodes of The Simpsons … sometimes useful in class to illustrate a point. This episode was about prayer.

Bluegrass festival in the Ulster Folk Park in Omagh .. what a great venue! The music was excellent if you’re into roots music, and it was great to hear bands including gospel music in their sets .. I was particularly impressed by Viper Central from Canada and delighted to come away with their gospel album Live at the Street Church.
Here’s a flavour from a 2011 concert:

The resources on the Faitharts Facebook page are mainly music for use in RE:

‘Anyway’, a song by Maggie and Suzzy Roche based on a prayer attributed to Mother Teresa, from the album Zero Church.

‘Oh Maria’ – a video clip from the film Sister Act that useful for discussing themes like faith and the arts, the role of church music and more.

‘Where Do I Go’ a song about prayer by Ashley Cleveland and Gary Chapman from the excellent album Songs From the Loft

Catholic Ireland news website, another very useful resource for RE which sometimes features arts resources.

Faitharts 11/9/15


September Resources (2) Posted on 10th Sept.2015

R.E. Congress 2015


Feast Day Resources

St. Ciarán-9th Sept

We celebrate the feast of St. Ciarán of Clonmacnoise on 9th September. Check out our attached PowerPoint presentation for more information. If you would like to integrate this lesson with History/Geography there is a good lesson on  <> (Looking at places-Offaly-Clonmacnoise)


September Resources 2A – Posted on 4th Sept. 2015

  • Click here to view the resources for the month ahead on our website. The School Chaplains’ Association of Ireland website may also prove useful while ACT have some great links too. You can sign up to receive their monthly bulletin by clicking here.
  • Planning Resources                                                                                                                   The Planning Resources section of our website may provide some support while you are busy making provisions for the year ahead. In particular, our Guest Speakers & Charity Links page has been updated to include a number of new recommendations. See also our link recommending Retreat Teams & Venues.
  • Should you be interested in bringing a group on a Pilgrim Path as a cost-effective retreat experience, click here for some resources that may assist. Furthermore, if you would like some advice about city-based pilgrim paths; please get in touch as I will be happy to assist in this regard.

Missionaries Overseas & Year for Consecrated Life

  • This article, written by Charlie Bird, describes his recent visit to the Philippines with World Missions Ireland; perhaps it could be examined with a Senior class group. A film of his time with the Missionaries is currently being edited and will be shared once the final adjustments have been made. World Missions Ireland can be contacted for further details, including school visits etc.
  • In conjunction with this, you could also refer to the items specially created to celebrate the Year for Consecrated Life if you did not have the opportunity to explore these with your students before the summer break.
  • This prayer for those engaged in Missionary Work could be used to conclude this topic: A Light for Missionaries, written by Jackie Pallas (WMI).

Laudato Si’ – Papal Encyclical

  • Much has been written about the latest papal encyclical over the summer and RE Source have prepared this student-friendly summary: Pope Francis & Caring for Our World. Further classroom resources relating to the encyclical will follow in due course.

Igniter Media

  • Always a great source of slick worship and prayer videos, Igniter Media‘s latest release, Psalm 145, brings to mind the natural beauty we can see around us on these late summer/early autumn days. For further inspiration, check out these other Psalm mini-movies on their website.


September Resources 1 – Posted on 1st Sept. 2015

  1. Beginning of Year Ice-Breaker Resources

Culture Night:

Knock Film

  • Underground Films are making a documentary on Knock and are having a crowdfunding campaign to finance it. Among other things it will look at what Knock means to those who travel from abroad to the shrine. A new mosaic has been commissioned for the basilica and is being made near Venice. The film will feature behind the scenes footage of this work. For more info and details of the fundraising click here: