Baptism Teams

 To book a baptism for your child, contact your local parish

Role of Parish Baptismal Team

  • Representative of the faith community’s welcome and support for the child to be baptised, and for the child’s family;
  • Share the journey to Baptism with the family – supporting the family’s preparations; sharing the riches and the responsibilities of the sacrament of Baptism; exploring the ongoing support of the family by the parish.

Aspects of Parish Baptism Team’s support for parents/guardians

  1. Parents contact their local parish to seek baptism for their child
  2. Initial meeting with family by a member of the parish
  3. Post Letter of Welcome confirming date and time of baptism to family
  4. Meeting of baptism team and family
  5. Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism
  6.  Follow-up
  7. Blessing of the newly baptised babies

If your parish or pastoral area would like to explore the setting up a baptism team, contact Frances Rowland – 064 6630538 or