Ministers of the Eucharist

What does a Minister of the Eucharist do?
  • The Eucharistic Minister offers communion to other members of the community at Mass, or brings communion to those who are unable to attend Mass;
  • The Eucharistic Minister assists the celebrant at Mass in sharing the sacred Body and Blood of Christ;
  • The Eucharistic Minister acts on behalf of the community when s/he brings communion to the sick or housebound.

Practical Suggestions as you prepare:

  • Take some time to prepare yourself for your ministry before Mass…be conscious of the role you play at this Eucharist;
  • Be comfortable in the role – take time to be familiar with the sanctuary of your local church, be clear on what you are being asked to do and check out with the priest or a more experienced minister, if you have any questions;
  • Pray for those to whom you will minister;
  • Be comfortable in what you are wearing;
  • Practise with the unconsecrated hosts in your own church – notice what YOU need to do to minister in this place;
  • If you cannot attend the Mass you are on the rota for, please find a replacement and tell them where your ‘station’ is.