Personnel & Structure

Bishop Ray Browne
The Bishop has overall responsibility for Safeguarding Children in the Diocese.

Director of Safeguarding
Jacklyn McCarthy oversees and co-ordinates safeguarding across the Diocese.

Designated Liaison Person
Jim Sheehy is the DLP for the Diocese. The DLP manages safeguarding concerns reported to the Diocese and passes them to the relevant statutory and church authorities. To report a safeguarding concern please call: 087 6362780. 

Parish Safeguarding Representatives
Every parish has appointed at least one lay person as Parish Safeguarding Representative who with the Priest promotes safeguarding in the parish.

Safeguarding Committee
This committee consists of seven members, provides guidance and support to the Director of Safeguarding, ensures that the standards outlined in the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy are met.

Safeguarding Trainer
Jacklyn McCarthy is the National Board accredited Safeguarding Trainer and provides training across the Diocese.

Statutory Authorities
The DLP liaise closely with TUSLA and with An Garda Síochána.

Queries in relation to safeguarding contact:

Jacklyn McCarthy

Diocesan Office, Cathedral Walk, Killarney, Co. Kerry