Getting Married

Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you calm and happiness throughout this time of planning for your special day.

We believe that Marriage is a sacrament, with the love of the husband and wife mirroring the love that God has for us, his people. We pray that God will journey with you as you make this important commitment.

Some things to attend to:

At least three months notice to the Church (Contact the Parish Office)

At least three months notice to the State’s Civil Registrar 

You can book an appointment on line

Attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course  –  Book well in advance due to limited availability

Only  ACCORD courses are acceptable in Kerry Diocese ACCORD (Catholic Marriage Care Service)


Complete Wedding Massbook – Feb 2016

CLICK HERE for Music/ Readings/ Ceremony Options for Weddings

Looking for ways to enrich your marriage?

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REFOCCUS, is developed by ACCORD countrywide. This is a one night a week for five weeks programme of marriage enrichment and is suitable for couples of all ages.

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Marriage Encounter, a weekend experience for couples that helps them to enter into the goodness and beauty of their marriage. A follow-up is offered for those who want it