Programmes for Youth Ministry

Bishop Ogra Beo

Diocese of Kerry Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Parish Programmes

Connect and Ógra Beo are two parish-based programmes which act as a resource to parishes/pastoral areas to reach out and engage with young people.

  • Connect is a programme for post Confirmation young people.  It aims to support young people to make new friends, develop their spirituality, and raise awareness of the wider world.  Connect will facilitate parishes to reach out to this age group and involve them in sharing their gifts and talents.
  • Ógra Beo is an opportunity for young people over 15yrs. to participate in training workshops which will include getting involved in the parish, learning to work as a team, developing leadership skills, prayer and reflection, meeting friends and having fun.

Training is provided online with a video and resource book for adult volunteers to deliver the programmes.

Resources available include Leader’s Resource Book, Course Content, Workbook for young people participating in the programme.