Advent is here!

We spend a lot of our time preparing for different things e.g. preparing a meal for visitors, buying gifts to mark special occasions, getting the house ready for Christmas. The Advent season is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. It’s not about getting things ready or even about improving ourselves so that we will be more worthy to receive him. Advent invites us to pay attention to the now!

Advent invites us to pause in the busyness of life and to notice that Jesus is already here, we are blessed already, that God is already present in our lives….if only we have time to pause and notice and listen.

Over the coming weeks, you might like to create a few moments’ space for yourself each day, that you can be present to the God who comes to us, listening out for the voice of Jesus through the people and events that fill our days.

Some suggestions:

Take a daily visit to the online Advent Calendar

Follow one of the online Retreats daily

Join the monks of Glenstal either in person or online for Advent reflections