Covid 19 Regulations Update

On Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 the Government announced that the current regulations and
restrictions which are in place to try and restrict the spread of Covid-19 would remain in place until
March 5th, 2021. There is therefore no change in the restrictions as they apply to religious services,
funerals and weddings.
• Churches may remain open for private worship.
• Public worship may only be held online or through the use of remote means.
• Funerals are restricted to no more than 10 people.
• Weddings are restricted to no more than 6 people.
• Save for cases of emergency, baptisms should not take place until further notice.
• House visits/First Friday visits should not take place save for cases of emergency, or where it is
necessary to minister to the sick or dying.
The Government and the HSE have particular concerns that the limit of 10 people is not being adhered
to in funeral homes, churches and graveyards. The law as it stands is that no more than 10 people may
attend a funeral service. The Government has now advised that attendance in the church and the
graveyard be restricted to families. We attach the link from the Government website dealing with
attendance at funerals and you might please read same. – Level 5 (
The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre has also updated its advice in relation to funerals and the link to
same is, COVID_religious settings.pdf ( Please note the following: –
• Family members, mourners, Priests, those involved in a professional or work capacity should
not attend a funeral if they have Covid-19, or if they have symptoms of Covid-19, are awaiting
a Covid-19 test result, or have been in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case in the past
14 days. This includes close contact with the deceased if the cause of death was Covid-19
• Try to facilitate remote participation in the funeral service, for example, via live streaming.
• If a medically vulnerable person is attending a funeral, other mourners should be made aware
of this, and asked to respect the person’s need to avoid close contact.
• Any physical interactions including shaking of hands and hugging should be avoided.
• Cloth face coverings or masks should be worn by all present at the funeral service.
• Singing, chanting and the playing of musical instruments that are windblown by mouth should
be avoided, as this may increase the risk of transmission of the virus. Instead consider using
instrumental music or recordings as an alternative to windblown instruments and live singing.
Diocesan Covid Support Team
February 1st, 2021