Safeguarding Sunday

Safeguarding Sunday

Message on behalf of the Diocesan Safeguarding Committee

This is a unique Safeguarding Sunday, unique in the respect that there are no children present in the body of the Church and no altar servers to assist at Masses.

Face to face ministry with children has been suspended across the diocese since March. This is the longest period of time where we have experienced an absence of children in our Church.

The importance of getting children back into parish life once it is safe to do so has been highlighted by the Diocesan Safeguarding Committee.

Safeguarding Sunday is an opportunity to recognise the years of dedication and work by so many to ensure that our diocese is a safe place for children and for all those working with them.

Once we are in a position to resume children’s ministry, we will need the support of all of those who work with children in our parish to help ensure that all activities are fully restored.

Anyone who would like to report a current or past safeguarding concern is advised to contact the Designated Liaison Person for the Diocese on 087 6362780.

People can also contact Towards Healing, an independent organisation offering confidential counselling for people who have experienced institutional, clerical or religious abuse. This is a free service funded by the Church. Website: Phone number: 1800303416.

Their helpline is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11am to 8pm and Friday from 11am to 6pm. Hearing impaired Text Line Number: 085 8022859.