Celebrating St. Brendan with Story Scholarship and Challenge

The month of May is to be a bumper month of Brendan. A coordinating group made up of members with an interest in each of the three areas of Story, Scholarship and Challenge chaired by Former Tánaiste Mr Dick Spring is overseeing the project. St Brendans Festival Brochure outlines a great variety of activities which celebrate Brendan. Again this year you are invited by Michael Joseph BRENDAN Fitzgerald to Raise the Flag from Friday May the 10th to Friday May the 17th.

The Brendan Project promotes a three-pronged approach to celebrating, studying, and reflecting on Brendan’s life and vision.

  1. Story

To tell the story of Brendan’s life and achievements through storytelling, art, theatre, music, and pilgrimage.

  1. Scholarship

To study archival material available on the Brendan through lectures, exhibitions, and publications.

  1. Challenge
    To explore how Brendan’s vision, courage and commitment can be made relevant to each of us and our world today.

The Lives of Bréanainn tell us of his birth and upbringing, of miracles of healing, patronage and wisdom, of voyaging and different foundations. Bréanainn was born among the Altraige, a tribe originally centred around Tralee Bay. The young Bréanainn was tutored by Erc and travelled in his youth far and near to learn the Rules of the Saints of Ireland. It has also been suggested that he travelled as far as David of Wales to learn his Rule from him. This month we remember his adventurous spirit, his passion for God and his courage to head out into the unknown.

Feast of St Brendan – Parish Liturgy – May 2024