Together Again moving forward in Hope

Now we need to reconnect, to gather ourselves as parish communities after the past 18 months. Together Again is is about renewing our lives together, about catching up with each other and about moving forward together. It is time to revitalise all that makes us a parish community.

Together Again – Liturgy Resource 2021

Zoom Training Sessions for Parish Ministers

  • Tuesday Oct 19th @ 8pm – Parish Secretaries
  • Thursday Nov 11th @ 8pm – Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Thursday Nov 18th @ 8pm – Ministers of the Word
  • Thursday Nov 25th @ 8pm  – Children’s Liturgy of the Word


For all parishioners

The past 18 months have been a challenge. The pandemic has tested us in every way as individuals and as faith communities, and perhaps we have felt loneliness, despair, loss, grief and anxiety at different stages of the journey. Most of all, we have not been able to gather and support those who have lost loved family members and friends over the past while. Dr Finola Cunnane will explore how we live with loss and grief.

                           Living with Grief and Bereavement 

                         Thursday Nov 4th @ 8pm on Zoom

If you wish to watch the Together Again October Liturgy Webinar

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