Journeying through Lent 2021

It’s our moments and days that make our Lenten journey. As we live our lives, and allow our hearts to be drawn more and more to Jesus’ vision of God and the world, we try to respond with greater love and truth.

Here are some frameworks that might help your journey:

Lenten calendar – 2021

Offers you a pointer for reflection and action for each day of Lent 2021. Practices only make sense if they are leading us to a goal.  All the restrictions we have taken on over the past year are empty unless they make a difference, and it is just the same way with us and Lent. Choose what draws you further into knowing God’s incredible love and mercy, and what invites you to greater love of neighbour.


This prayerbook offers a prayer for each day of the week, and a journey from Ash Wednesday through to the Easter Triduum.

Trócaire ask us to journey with this year with the families in South Sudan and the impact of conflict on them.

Lenten Reflections – on our diocesan YouTube channel

The Way of the Cross  – on our diocesan YouTube channel

Looking for some podcasts?


Sacred spaces for Lent 2021

In Churches – At present we are restricted to a limit of 5 km travel from our homes. Visiting our local church may or may not be possible. If we can visit, take a few moments just to relish being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Take time to pray the Stations of the Cross.

Outside – Many people are out walking now more than ever. Are there ways we might alert people to the season of Lent in the grounds of our churches? It might be a purple flag or a sign…..and through our newsletter or our parish webpage, invite people to sign themselves with the sign of the cross, whenever they encounter a cross e.g. passing a graveyard, ancient christian sites, churches.

At home

  • Take 14 stones and place them strategically around your garden or your field. Pray the Stations of the Cross as you walk from stone to stone.
  • Create a cross from two twigs and place it near where you pray.
  • Use trees or lamp-posts on a walk you do regularly to mark the Stations.