Bishop welcomes news while advising caution

I welcome the Taoiseach’s announcement on Friday night concerning a relaxation of all the guidelines: congregations are permitted in church, shops are reopening and other activities can recommence.  We will have greater freedom of movement these weeks and over the Christmas. People are struggling and therefore this news and the good news concerning vaccines will help us all.

Thank God for NPHET, all our public services, and our government and public representatives. They have served us well in the pandemic. Please give 100% in following the public health guidelines to keep all safe from the corona virus.

The move to Level 3 has given us all a great boost as we begin Advent. As we prepare for Christmas our spirits are lifted. Amid all the material preparations, be sure to prepare to honour the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Put the crib, the marvellous Good News of the incredible mystery of the baby born to Mary in a stable in Bethlehem, at the centre of your Christmas.

During the coming week we hope to have a clearer idea of how we will celebrate our Christmas faith in our churches and in our homes.

It will be a quieter Christmas, a simpler Christmas and it will still be a good Christmas. Give priority to the happiness of all children. Their happiness is most important.


Bishop Ray Browne

Diocese of Kerry

First Sunday of Advent 2020