Opening of churches for personal prayer

Parishes have been invited to consider the possibility of opening their churches for personal prayer.  This will be done in consultation with their Pastoral Area. Opening, depends on the implementation of health and safety measures, in keeping with all guidelines from the Public Health Authorities. Parishes will need to prepare the church and make arrangements for daily cleaning.

Each parish is free to decide to open their churches for personal prayer from the 20th of May.

Visiting a church reminds us:

  • that Christ is ever present in our midst
  • that the Mass continues to be celebrated in our parishes on behalf of and for us all
  • that we are strengthened by taking time to turn to God each day in prayer

We ask that all in our parishes adjust to this new situation calmly and carefully.

The safest way to visit a church at the moment is:

“Walk around, stand and pray, don’t sit down and touch nothing.”

Please continue to observe 100% all Public Health restrictions and guidance. If your local community appears to have remained virus free, give thanks to God.

Please, do not become complacent.

 Our Lady, help of the sick, pray for us.

Diocese of Kerry

14 May 2020