Sunday Funerals

From the 1st September 2017,

“No funerals (Mass, Liturgy or burial) will take place on a Sunday in the parishes of the diocese ”.    

  • This applies from Saturday mid-afternoon;
  • Removals to the church can take place on either Saturday or Sunday evening;
  • This change is necessary for many reasons: related to good Liturgy; related to factors in individual parishes; and related to the availability of priests;
  • Parishes are reminded that there be no exceptions to this diocesan regulation;
  • As regards Holy Days of Obligation the rule will apply to Christmas Day and St Patrick’s Day. On the other Holy Days of Obligation for flexibility reasons the decision is left to the local parish (while discouraging such funerals for liturgical reasons);
  • I realise many will have reservations about this decision. It has been taken after extensive consultation with laity and clergy throughout the diocese.

“Just as Jesus died and rose again,      

so, through Jesus, God will bring with him  those who have fallen asleep;                                                                            

and as in Adam all die,                                                           

 so also in Christ will all be brought to life.”                                                                 Roman Missal 2011, page 1280


Bishop Ray Browne

8th May 2017