A Life to Live

Featuring this coming Sunday 19th of April, on Horizons, Radio Kerry is Scartaglin native Fr. Jim O’ Connell talking about his new book, A Life to Live – Awakening to God’s Abiding Presence. The book is a series of reflections that explore in one way or another, the core theme that the eternal God is ever present with us in all our lives. Each reflection gives a brief glimpse of the depth of the mystery of our life with God, which ultimately lies beyond our understanding.

The book begins with a foreword from Liam Lawton who describes the book as being “so rich and insightful that further comment is not necessary.”

We also find recommendations for the book on the back cover from Fr. Daniel O’ Leary who describes the book as “excellent – with a real confidence and authority in it”. Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy saying “It is a wonderfully inspiring and consoling book.”