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Photo of three Churches
Church names left to right: Immaculate Conception, Cordal, Our Lady of Lourdes, Scartaglen and Saints Stephen and John Castleisland

To Join us via live streaming please CLICK HERE


To Join us via live streaming please CLICK HERE


Castleisland Parish Church Mass on line:  Parish Masses on Weekdays and Weekends are now available on line.  If you have access to the internet log onto:

Castleisland Parish Office/Religious Shop now located to the front of Parish Church
Noreen our Parish Secretary and Nora, is in the office/shop between 9.00am and 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday.





Padre Pio Devotions
Tuesday, September  19th  at 7.30pm
Padre Pio’s Healing GLOVE
Will be available for blessings on
the night

The office number is 066 7141241

For inquiries re baptisms, weddings, booked Masses and much more please feel free to call in,

email or contact us by telephone.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Each Monday in Castleisland Parish Church from 11.30am to 6.45pm

Baptism:  Congratulations on the birth of your child.Baptisms take place in Castleisland Parish Church on Saturday at 5.00pm and on Sunday at 12.15pm. Baptisms are to be booked through Castleisland parish office a least two weeks in advance of the Sacrament taking place.

New to the Parish
If you are new to our parish, we welcome you. We hope that you will feel part of the life of the parish. If you would like to register as a parishioner please contact Noreen at the Parish Office.

Castleisland Church Monday 7.00pm Mass: Mass at Castleisland Parish Church every Monday evening at 7.00pm for the intentions of all who got cards signed at Castleisland Parish Office/shop during the week.

Safeguarding Children Three parishioners have been trained in the parish. Further details on the Parish and Diocesan policy in relation to safeguarding children can be found on the notice board of the Churches of the Parish. 

Getting Married? At least six months’ notice of the marriage should be given to the parish where the bride and groom live. A pre-nuptial enquiry form is completed by both the Bride and Groom. The State obliges you to give at least three months notice. For this purpose you may contact: Office of Registration of Births, Deaths & Marriages,  Civil Registration Office, Killarney tel: 064 6632251

Couples are requested to attend a Pre Marriage Course as part of the marriage preparation. 

Pre-marriage courses may be arranged through ACCORD, Tralee tel: (066) 7122280 or ACCORD, Killarney 064 6633612. Early booking is essential.




Fr. Maurice Brick
 The Presbytery
 Co Kerry
Telephone  066 7141241"

Parish Newsletter:  17 September 2023

































19th March 2023

St Stephen and St John, Castleisland Monday to Friday at 11.00am.  Weekday evening Monday Tuesday and Friday at 7.00pm 6.15pm 11.30am

 7pm Vigil and 11.00am on Holy Day


Immaculate Conception, Cordal  As announced   9.00am  
Our Lady of Lourdes, Scartaglen As announced   10.15am