Teen SpiriT no longer runs in Kerry Diocese however if you wish to know how Teen Spirit operated in Kerry Diocese take a look through these pages!  Perhaps this can inspire a new similar project.

Teen SpiriT first took place in the INEC Arena, Killarney, Co Kerry on April 30th 2009 and was a celebration of the talents and Christian faith of teenagers from all around the Kingdom.

By popular demand, Teen SpiriT returned to the INEC on November 26th for a rerun. The original show starred members of: Killarney Youth Choir, Church of the Resurrection Folk Group, Teen choirs from Beaufort, Killorglin, St. Brendan’s Tralee …. and guests, the Doneraile Youth Choir.

The Original Show Featured music by Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Leona Lewis, Take That, High School Musical and many others…. as well as Contemporary Christian music that deals with a range of real issues such as: struggling to believe in God, seeing our true value as through God’s eyes and being real with ourselves and God. This selection of inspirational music challenged and uplifted and some might say it made young people want to change the world!

Iveragh Teen SpiriT
We did a ‘mini’ Teen SpiriT show with the singers of the Iveragh pastoral area who on the 31st of July in the Daniel O’ Connell Memorial Church as part of the Caherciveen Music Festival. The choir consisted of local singers, the majority of whom were pupils of Coláiste na Sceilige. There were about 25 in the choir and they did a show that lasted about 75 minutes to a full Church. It was a great success and Fr. William Crean parish priest of Caherciveen had this to say about it:

“The experience of Teen SpiriT in The O’Connell Memorial Church, Caherciveen was pure delight. The performance of the young people, all from the Iveragh Pastoral Area, exuded joy and optimism. It was wonderful to witness their expression of faith, conveyed with such joyful celebration and exuberance. Many thanks for such a special evening.”

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Teen SpiriT blended a mix of popular chart music from artists like the Black eyed peas, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Michael Buble and Michael Jackson, together with well known classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s so there was something there for every age group!ca news 1(1)

Teen SpiriT also explored our relationship with God in an inspiring, uplifting, challenging, and a very new and refreshing way of presenting the beauty and power of the Christian faith. Teen SpiriT addressed issues such as the teen’s basic desire to believe; God’s forgiveness being a springboard to a new beginning; self-esteem based on God’s love; finding the strength within and in God to overcome adversity, and being inspired to go and make a difference in the world. The most common reaction from young people was that they had never seen the Christian faith presented in such a modern and relevant light.

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What was said at the time about TeenSpiriT:  “The Teen SpiriT concert is a great initiative that has brought so many young people together from the diocese to celebrate their faith and talents through modern songs and music. The show promotes a healthy and positive outlook on life and also looks at the Christian faith in a teen-friendly way. Young and old have described the show as an inspiration and I recommend that schools do not miss out on the opportunity to see it.”

Bishop Bill Murphy, Diocese of Kerry

Noel O Sullivan was the founder of TeenSpiriT – Thank you Noel