People for Others Portrait Exhibition

This is an exhibition currently on show in the Cathedral in Killarney. It is a touring exhibition featuring some special people who have done major work to improve the lives of others.

introduction from the artist sara Kyne:

My name is Sara Kyne .I am a professional artist living in Co Galway .

Over the last few years I have come across many fine people who are making the world a better place for others. They are represented in this collection of portraits.

This project is my small way of honouring these people and hopefully drawing others to read about them and if they feel inspired to do so to make a donation directly to their charity.

Through the years I have seen the goodness and kindness of many people who have less interest in material things or monetary gain but instead are motivated to help those who suffer through sickness, poverty, homelessness, addiction and loneliness. These dedicated people swim upstream against the current of materialism. Helping others is their goal and purpose in life. So often we read only bad news stories and one would be misled into thinking that our society is indeed complacent and indifferent to the problems of others. Many movies and novels are taken up with tales of horror and violence. I think the work of these fine people is indeed good news for they are bettering the lives of others.

There are many more organisations in Ireland and many more great people working for others. These portraits are just some of the people that I personally came across in recent years.

The goal of this project is to raise money for charities

 The portraits will be displayed to honour the people and create an awareness of the work they do .I would hope that perhaps this would be an inspirational exhibition, which could be shown in a few different locations, throughout the country. Each portrait will be displayed with information about the charities so that people viewing them may learn about them and perhaps contribute directly to a charity of their choice.

Hopefully the portraits will generate some interest. Eventually the portraits will be sold or auctioned with all proceeds to be donated to charity.

Portrait List:                                                             Dimensions in inches                 Work 


Fr Adrian Crowley                                                 36×24                             Cenacola

Alice Leahy                                                           24×20                              Director of Alice Leahy Trust

Antoinette Moynihan                                            24×20                            Cote

Alva Fitzgerald and Helen O Shea                       22×26                            L’Arche

Dr Austin O Carroll                                              26×18                             Physician inner city Dublin

Caitriona Twomey                                                24×20                             Cork Penny Dinners

Christine Noble                                                     28×20                             Christine Noble Foundation

Sister Consilio Fitzgerald                                     28×18                             Cuan Mhuire

Senator Joan Freeman                                         24×16                             Pieta House

John Pridmore                                                      28×22                             Evangelist and Counselor

Brother Kevin Crowley                                          24×20                             Capuchin Day Centre

Friar Lawrence Schroedel                                    20×24                             Social Worker Moyross

Mary Nally                                                            24×14                             Third Age

Milo Mc Carthy                                                     24×20                            Busker for charity

Niall Johnson                                                        24×20                            CEO for Croi  Heart Foundation

Fr Peter Mc Verry                                                 28×18                                 Peter Mc Verry Trust

Fr Shay Cullen                                                      22×16                             Preda

Sr Stan Kennedy                                                  28×22                             Focus Ireland

Dr Steve Collins                                                    28×20                       Valid Nutrition

Patricia Friel,                                                    22×18                              Mary’s Meals

Delores Dugan and Attracta Canny                    26×16                              Hope House