Fr Kevin McNamara, Rest in Peace

Bishop Ray Browne expressed the shock and sadness on the death of Fr Kevin:

There is widespread shock and sadness at the sudden death of Fr. Kevin McNamara, parish priest of Glenflesk. Currently he was parish priest of Glenflesk, having served previously in Kenmare, Killarney , Rathmore and Moyvane. Fr. Kevin was in hospital for a number of days, when Tuesday morning he suddenly took ill and died.  Fr Kevin was a man of huge energy and colour. We all regret his passing.  Rest in peace, Fr. Kevin.

Fr Kevin was born in 1955 in Cooraclare Village in Co. Clare. He was ordained as a Missionary of the Sacred Heart in 1981. He joined the diocese of Kerry in 2004 and spent a short while in Kenmare. Killarney was his next parish in July of that year. Rathmore followed in 2012 till 2015 when he moved to Moyvane. His current parish was Glenflesk. Fr. Kevin was a gifted writer and communicator. He put great work into his parish newsletters. These can be read here.

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS from Fr. Kevin taken from this week’s newsletter :

In all this long run up to Christmas (which started back in November) in the media, I have not once
heard the word ‘Jesus’ or ‘Faith’ or ‘Birth’ or ‘Mary’ or ‘Joseph’. No mention at all of God-made-Man.
No reason given for the presents we are to buy and give, no reason for Christmas greetings and best
wishes (The Media say Happy Holidays – rather than Happy Christmas). It is truly amazing and equally
awful. Just as we, centuries ago, took over a pagan festival of winter-time and turned it into the
Christian Christ’s Mass to celebrate His birth, so now the secular commercial industry has taken it over,
lock, stock and barrel.

So might I suggest that you, dear reader, be sure to put Christ back into
Christmas by underlying His presence in your home and in your life at this marvellous time. Whether you
are single or married, separated or divorced, whether you have a family or not, whether you are well or
not, needing to be looked after – you can be sure to have Christ with you. One way of ensuring that
Christ is in Christmas is by the use of Blessings. The word ‘Blessing’ has two distinct but related
meanings. It refers to our praise of God and to our request for His loving care for us. Some people
mistakenly think that only a Priest can give a blessing. Some blessings are reserved to Priests in special
circumstances, but all of us can praise God and ask His blessings:

So as we journey to the 25th how about blessing your home praying:
“Let us pray to God for His Blessing, Father in heaven, look upon this family in Your
love and give us the blessings of Your joy and peace. Let Your Spirit of joy fill our
hearts, so that we may be holy and happy. May our concern for others reflect your
love and bring us happiness at this time and throughout the coming year. Amen”.

Many homes have a little Crib. Why not bless it:
“Father almighty bless this Crib that we have prepared, and let it be a reminder to
us of our Lord Jesus, your Son and Son of Mary. Father we praise You through the
Babe of Bethlehem. Amen”.

Bless your Christmas Tree – all the family stand around the tree:
“All glory and praise to you heavenly Father: We thank you for sending your Son Jesus
to be our Brother. Bless us as we gather here, and bless our Christmas tree. Let its
lights remind us of Jesus who came to be the light of the world and to save us from sin.
May we give presents rejoicing in the present You gave us – Jesus Your loving Son.
Father, we love You and we praise You through Christ our Lord. Amen”
May the Christ who came for us to be made holy give you and yours a Happy Christmas.