Celebrating Christmas 2020

While parishes are working hard to enable as many people as possible to attend Mass over the coming weeks, it is evident that for many of us, we will be present at Christmas Mass online.

To enhance our experience and sense of prayer at this time:

  • Why not place your crib close to where you will sit to ‘attend’ Mass online?
  • Light a candle just before Mass begins….
  • Stand to hear the Gospel proclaimed
  • Join in the responses
  • Stand to pray the Our Father with all those gathered in our churches and all of us gathering in homes all over the world.
  • Visit the crib in the church during the Christmas days – bring all your intentions for loved ones in your heart.

These resources might help your prayer at home:

Praying at the crib in our homes this Christmas – 2020

Blessing of the Christmas Tree – 2020

Lighting of the Christmas candle on Christmas Eve -2020