Bishop Ray welcomes Church Congregations inviting Caution and Understanding

As Congregations return to Church this week, please,  return slowly and show understanding.

A warm welcome to all those who join us for Holy Mass this first week and weekend. It is a joy to have the return of congregations. The delight of so many, is an indicator that it is vital to nourish the spirit and the soul, as well as the body. We do not face the world on our own, God is there with us.

There is upset and disappointment that large churches are restricted to a congregation of 50 people. The hope is that before the end of the month this will change to 100, in churches where social distancing can be maintained. If only 50 can be present, then let that fifty pray and offer Mass on behalf of the whole parish community.

The 50 persons limit for indoor gatherings does bring home to us, the fact that we must take personal and communal responsibility to follow Public Health Guidelines. This is a vital realisation. We owe it to all the front-line workers who have been so brave and selfless. Only thus, can we hope to keep the virus suppressed in our communities.

Because of the restriction to 50, we ask people to be understanding and, if possible, to come to Mass in church during the weekdays rather than on these first few weekends. Let a weekday Mass be your Sunday worship, at least for the next few weeks.

Our Lady, health of the sick, pray for us.

+ Ray Browne

Diocese of Kerry

1st July 2020