Bishop Ray Brown reflects on Catholic Schools Week 2020

Catholic Schools Week began Sunday 26th January. It was a week to celebrate our faith schools, the good work they do and their importance. Family, parish community and school work together seeking that the words of Jesus are fulfilled in the life of every child, “I have come that you may have life and have it in its fullness”.

Mindful that all our schools have recently renewed their Boards of Management, it is good to appreciate and say a sincere thanks to the Boards and all their members.

The theme this year is “Living in harmony with God’s Creation” (with God, Neighbour, All Generations, the Earth and in our Catholic School). Just to mention two of these areas that at the moment are topical:

  • Think of the harmony of nature and the challenge as illustrated by the horrific fires in Australia.
  • Think of harmony among people in terms of citizenship, the “one for all and all for one” of us as a people in Ireland as we hold our General Election.

Sincere thanks to and God’s blessing on every school community, staff, students and their families.

+ Ray Browne

Bishop of Kerry.