Rathmore Launches Catholic Schools Week

Bishop Ray Browne launched Catholic Schools Week in Holy Family National School Rathmore  last Friday 18th January .  The week: Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools, runs from 27th Jan to the 3rd of February. The launch included singing, traditional music, set dancing and an uplifting prayer service with children representing the different classes making their blessings and prayers.

Bishop Ray Browne commented:

A key strength of our schools is that they are local. The whole school staff know the local people, and know and respect their vision for their children. The members of each school Board of Management are local people.  

Characteristics that define the catholic school include:

 1) welcoming diversity,

2) serving the local community and

3) supporting faith

These are very important amid all the changes in Irish society today.

The key to a Catholic School is faith and confidence in God. Our faith tells us that God created the world and at its heart placed the human family, ‘female and male he created them’. The Bible gives us six very important small words, ‘God saw that it was good’. Our faith and confidence is in a caring, loving God.

Values are central to a Catholic school. All our values have as their foundation the words of Jesus, ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’. Care for one another, the dignity of every person, respect, mercy, fairness, and justice, – all values have their origins in God’s love.

This year each community is asked to focus on their own local school. In celebrating Catholic Schools Week –  enjoy remembering the past, honouring the present, and committing to give of your best in the future.

God bless every school community, staff, pupils and their families.

Bishop Ray Browne  18 January 2019


More details of the week and resources: https://www.catholicbishops.ie/2019/01/08/resources-for-catholic-schools-week-2019/

An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic schools.” Pope Francis