Bishop Ray looks back with thanks on World Meeting of Families

A word of appreciation and deep gratitude to all who have contributed to the Kerry diocesan preparation for and involvement in WMOF 2018.

Sincere thanks to:

  • Sr Aileen and all at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre and the Diocesan Office
  • all our Priests
  • all involved at parish level especially parish Secretaries
  • all involved in the distribution of tickets
  • all who travelled to Dublin and especially to the over one hundred people from the diocese who participated in the Choir and the many others who served there as Volunteers

I suggest that we reflect on what we have seen and heard. Do so with the aid of the picture gallery on this site and the wonderful picture coverage from the newspapers at that time. Gather your own personal memories. Form your own personal viewpoint. Three aspects of the five days stand out for me:

  1. Rightly there was much focus on abuse perpetrated by Church personnel. Through good safeguarding we must all work together so that happens “NEVER AGAIN”.
  2. The gift and joy of family was a worthy focus, with the exploration of family, extended family and all families worldwide. The human race was seen as one great, loving, caring, tender family.
  3.  God  is Love, God created us for family, God’s love is ever there for each one of us and God asks us to love one another. The joy of the Gospel

RTE television and radio provided really wonderful live coverage with so many marvellous moments. What moments really touched your heart?

  • a moment of fun
  • a moment of amazement
  • a moment of heartbreak
  • a moment of insight

How do you see life differently as a result?   Is there one thing you will change in the way you live life from now on?

My most precious memory is of Alan Kerins speaking on stage in Croke Park on Saturday night. The GAA dual player of both football and hurling, the way he spoke of three families in his life: the GAA family (club  and county); the  Zambian families and communities supported by the Charity he founded and  his the family on stage – the Kerins family: he, his pregnant wife and their baby son who has marvellously come through life-saving medical treatment.

Pray for love in the world. Pray for family life everywhere. Pray for faith in God. Pray for Pope Francis.

Bishop Ray Browne

28th August 2018