Bishop Ray on The right to life of the unborn child

A word of thanks and encouragement

I thank the people and parishes of our diocese for the positive response I received to my Pastoral Message released two weeks ago. I am full of admiration for all who are involved in campaigning for the right to life of the unborn child. Also thanks to everyone for debating and discussing the issue gently, respectfully and sensitively.

In recent weeks my thoughts have returned again and again to what “Doctors for Life” are saying. I believe it contains the key to this Referendum:                  “In every case I am dealing with two patients, the pregnant woman and the unborn child. Both are my patients. I cannot be involved in the death of one of them. Termination of pregnancy is not health care.”

If the Referendum is passed the government’s proposed legislation is extreme. I believe it will introduce a system similar to Britain where many claim that 90% of babies aborted are healthy babies.

I am voting ‘NO’ next Friday. I encourage, you to do the same. Please pray that the people of our country will choose to vote ‘NO’, thus honouring and defending the life of every unborn child.

I conclude with the words of Pope Francis: “no alleged right to one’s own body can justify a decision to terminate the life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb”.

Bishop Ray Browne

Diocese of Kerry

Pentecost Sunday 2018