Bishop Ray welcomes Pope Francis

The visit of Pope Francis to Dublin , 25-6th August 2018.

On behalf of the diocese of Kerry I welcome confirmation that Pope Francis is to visit Ireland in August to participate in the World Meeting of Families. This month five years ago Pope Francis was elected. In those five years he has shown great vision and courage challenging the world by his teaching on environmental issues, world poverty, war and civil strife, the plight of migrants and many other issues. He is universally recognised as a courageous, challenging and effective moral leader. He has called on all Christians to be missionary disciples. Two key words he has repeatedly used are Joy and Mercy.

The World Meeting of Families aims to put the spotlight on and promote ‘the Family’ in every culture and economic circumstance on every Continent. It calls on all people of good will to promote, protect and support family life, to work for a world where every human being in every family has the means to live real family life: couples, children of all ages, grandparents, great-grandparents, single people, persons parenting on their own, the multitude of family members and situations. In “The Joy of Love” Pope Francis has written a most challenging and inspiring document on family life worldwide in our time.

I ask that all of us in the diocese reflect on the teachings of Pope Francis and the purpose of the World Meeting of Families. Why not have a look at the document? It is easily accessed on the internet. Details regarding local arrangements for attending the World Meeting of Families will be announced over the next six weeks or so.

Pope Francis regularly makes the request, “Pray for me”. Over the next few months please pray for Pope Francis, for family life worldwide and for the success of the World Meeting of Families.                                     Bishop Ray Browne