Pre Budget Reflection

 Waiting in hope……..Kerry Diocesan Justice, Peace & Creation Committee

As we await our National Budget day how does this find you, me?

Am I waiting in hope, despair, cynicism, indifference, fear or….

In hope of a ‘fair deal’ for myself, my family, my workmates, neighbours…
In hope for the vulnerable in my community, local, national and global?

Am I trying to listen & discern some wisdom among all the different voices & accents in the multiple debates in the media?

Are the words the common good, truth, freedom, justice, love, human dignity, solidarity…coming to mind as I discuss with family & friends and listen to or take part in phone- ins on radio etc ?

Perhaps I am struggling with my own sense of ‘sure nothing I say or do will make any difference anyway’…type of response?

Do I have any yardstick against which to measure what are ‘helpful’ ways forward?

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Ireland’s largest & best known charity, & widely supported organization of social concern and action, is now fearful that cuts in the forthcoming budget will push many already vulnerable people over the edge.

“There is a continuing increase in the number of calls for assistance, which is a sobering picture of the human cost of the recession and the struggles faced by families and individuals.” The SVP pre-Budget submission which contains very specific proposals was launched on November 3.and can be can be seen on

Another organization, Social Justice Ireland has stated
“Ireland is at a critical moment in its development and Government decisions in Budget 2010 will have a huge impact on the future. It is essential that the vulnerable are protected and that the economy is protected”.

Social Justice Ireland is a research and advocacy organisation of individuals and groups, lay and religious, throughout Ireland who are committed to working to build a just society where human rights are respected, human dignity is protected, human development is facilitated and the environment is respected and protected.
Its wide ranging proposals can be seen on

Helpful ways forward, but then I may need to reflect on what I mean by ‘helpful’?
Helpful for whom?

Can I possibly stretch my sense of family to include my neighbours, people on the margins of society, new communities, people with accents quite different from my own, the list is long ….not only here in the Kingdom but in our global family.

This will take courage, generousity, commitment, wisdom, time for reflection & prayer, but also the ability to share, to hope, forgive & to love.

Are you up for it?

Kerry Diocesan Justice, Peace & Creation Committee