Bishop Bill Murphy responds to Cloyne

I profoundly regret that any child should have experienced sexual abuse, particularly, by a priest or religious. The Cloyne report documents evil and criminal activity and highlights a dreadful failure to respond to it appropriately.
I renew my appeal to all who were sexually abused by clergy to come forward if they have not already done so. I assure them that they will be treated with respect and dignity.
The Diocese of Kerry is fully committed to safeguarding children and young people. We have put in place policies, procedures and personnel, in every parish, to see to it that children and young people are cared for as they participate in the various Church activities in their parish. In doing so, we work in full co-operation with the HSE and the Gardaí. We have just completed the annual Audit of Safeguarding Practices in Kerry diocese to ensure the implementation of these policies and procedures. The Church must be continually vigilant and do all in their power to create safe environments for children and young people.
The concerns of people in our parishes have been heard and acknowledged through the listening exercises conducted throughout the diocese during 2010. People expressed their feelings of anger, hurt, disappointment and disgust. Working more closely with the laity is key to all our future actions.

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