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Fr. Sean Hanafin


Geraldine O’Connor


Mon, Wed, Fri 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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SACRISTAN: Annemarie Breen.

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Fr. Seán Celebrates Golden Jubilee

I was one of five young men ordained on June 9th 1974 in Our Lady and St Brendan’s Church Rock Street in Tralee. So in the past 50 years I have been blessed to be part of so many people’s lives. The innocence and joy of children on their 1st Communion journey, touches me deeply and indeed also at Confirmation. Families bringing new born babies to be welcomed. Couples setting out on life’s journey t in marriage and the privilege of being part of people’s pain at time of illness and death. For this and so much more I am deeply grateful. I include in prayer today Fr Michael Lucid, one of the five who died young, Bishop Eamon Casey the energetic and charismatic Bishop of Kerry and Fr Joe McCluskey who died at the ordination ceremony. I included my parents Tim and May Hanafin who have gone to their eternal reward.


Jesus calms the Storms of our Lives 

Jesus calmed the wind and the sea and his friends who were very distressed, felt safe again.

Jesus wants to do the same for all people. Invitation is for us to allow Jesus to be part of the storms and distress in our lives. We do not have to suffer alone. If we invite Jesus to take care of us we also will feel safe.

The Good Shepherd


A Descriptions of God


Love of God and Love of Neighbour.

All are Welcome in God’s Kingdom





The Cross of Jesus 


Corpus Christi




Gifts of the Holy Spirit



Feast of the Ascension 

Promise of the Spirit 

The Rose Window



Doubting Thomas 


Easter Day

Passion Sunday 


Love your Enemies

The Bible

The Bible is read at every gathering of Christians. It inspires the community to live like Jesus.

The Apostles with Jesus 

The Baptism of Jesus 





Giving Thanks


Love and Kindness are never wasted……..Liam O’Flaherty–

Teach us to Pray.

God is Near 




Love One Another 

The message or theme of The Gospel is the teaching of Jesus ‘love one another’.


Listen to the Voice of Jesus



The light of the Paschal Candle.



Human Dignity 


Life is Fragile 

Let your voice be heard 

Allow Peace to Break out.

Blessed are the Poor.

”Lord I am not worthy”

God’s Word


The Baptism of Jesus 

 ‘This is my Son in whom I am well pleased’ 


God becoming human made all humans equal. 

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Renovation cost €2.2 million. We ask locals and visitors  to contribute and also to encourage family and friends at home and abroad.



Purple is the colour dominating Churches during Advent. Vestments, Candles and Banners are all in Purple. 

The Advent Wreath


The Advent Wreath is set up in the Church to help us count off the weeks to Christmas, the coming of the Light (Jesus) into the world. The Pink Candle on the Advent Wreath symbolises the Joy of God as God’s people turn to God in trust.

Painting of Pope John Paul II

Carmel McCarron R.I.P. painted this image of Pope John Paul II in 1988.This beautiful painting now hangs in the Sacristy of Ballybunion Church as part of the Church’s heritage.

Red Banners and Confirmation.

Red Banner


The Remembrance Tree.

The Remembrance Tree

Praying for the dead is one of our strongest customs, especially during the month of NovembeR.

First Holy Communion 


The 1st Communion ceremonies are a significant moment in the lives of the children. It’s recognised as special by the school community, the children’s family and by the parish community.

The draw of the lit candle to prayer.

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Church Restoration

The historic St. John’s Catholic Church (1897) in Ballybunion was beautifully restored at a cost of €2.2 million in 2014. Any donation to help us reduce our current debt of €592,524 would be most welcome.

Wall plaque near Our Ladies Altar












Church Stained Glass Windows:

The Holy Family


St. Stephen and St. Michael.
St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas
The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Sr. Mary Alacoque
St. Hubert





St. Brendan
St. Ita

The Rose Window




Fr. Sean Hanafin P.P.
 The Presbytery
 Church Rd.
 Ballybunion, Co Kerry
 Tel: 068 27102, Fax: 068 27153  e:mail:




St John’s Church, Ballybunion 10.00 am Mon, Wed and Friday


7.00 p.m. 11.30 a.m. As announced


VIGIL MASS :  Saturday Vigil Mass at  7 p.m.

Sunday Morning:  11.30 a.m. Mass



BALLYBUNION: Friday 7th June: St. Johns at 7 p.m.            Friday 12th July: Kilconly at 7 p.m.                           Friday 19th July: Killahenny at 7 p.m.

LISSELTON: Lisselton: June 24th at 7.30 p.m.                Gale: 27th June at 7.30 p.m.