Jan Justice

The Diocese of Kerry Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation Committee


1 January/Eanair

World Day of Peace: Theme: ‘Overcome Indifference and Win Peace’ Pope Francis

Action: Reflect on these words from Pope Francis’Message                                        

 “In the spirit of the Jubilee of Mercy, all of us are called to realize how indifference can manifest itself in our lives and to work concretely to improve the world around us, beginning with our families, neighbours and places of employment”.  (p.8)                                                      Read the full message  CLICK HERE

6 January/Eanair

Epiphany & Women’s Christmas

Action: Celebrate all women, young and old who are following the star of justice in our global village.


15 January/Eanair

Martin Luther King Day

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Martin Luther King

Action: Be a voice for justice in your workplace, school, parish….


17 January/Eanair

World Religion Day (Baha’i)

Instituted in 1950 to help foster interfaith understanding and harmony.

Action: Consider what you can do to foster harmony.


18-25 January/Eanair

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 

Theme: ‘Called to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord’ (cf 1 Peter 2:9)

The calling shared by all the baptised to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord.

This calling forms the theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity for 2016.

Inspired by two verses from the First Letter of St Peter, members of different churches in Latvia prepared the resources for the week.

Action: Accept this invitation to pray by taking part in your local ecumenical celebration. Resources:   CLICK HERE

 21 January/Eanair

Birth of John Main OSB

“We encounter the living Lord in our own hearts and then find him everywhere: in our lives, relationships, and in the living word of Scripture”. John Main.

Action: Consider your own call to contemplative prayer, the prayer of the heart.

Visit www.christianmeditation.ie or www.wccm.org

24 January/Eanair

Foundation Day, Sisters of Bon Secours

Action: Show compassion today.

25  January/Eanair

Conversion of St. Paul

“Blinded by the light Paul fell to the ground”. Acts 22

Action: Think about an area of your life in need of conversion


27  January/Eanair

Holocaust Memorial Day
A day to pray and remember and pray again….


8 December/Nollaig – 20 November 2016: Jubilee of Mercy

“Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy.” We need constantly to contemplatethe mystery of mercy.It is a wellspring of joy, serenity and peace… the mercy of God never ends”

A YEAR OF MERCY, announced by Pope Francis aims to proclaim God’s mercy to all people, and for the church to be a witness of mercy. The year begins with the opening of the Holy Door of Mercy in St. Peter’s Basilica, Dec 8, by Pope Francis. In union with the Universal Church each diocese will open a Holy Door of Mercy in each cathedral on Sunday Dec 13.

Action: Read this amazing letter entitled ‘Misericordiae Vultus’ CLICK HERE