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November/ Samhain

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We remember all life that has journeyed back to You. May we all be united in the love of the Cosmic Christ that is infinite and forever.

Our time to remember all who have died in our human and natural world…

1st November /Samhain

Feast of All Saints

‘Let us all rejoice in the Lord and keep a festival in honour of all the saints’.

Entrance Antiphon of the mass for November 1st

Action:  Open your eyes and see them all around you and remember in pray in union with those many ordinary good people who walked with God in their daily lives who now live in God’s presence.


 4th November/Samhain

Presentation of the Hugh O’Flaherty Humanitarian Award, Killarney

This year the award is being presented to Sr Orla Treacy,  Loreto sister, School Principal, South Sudan.22491930_1697329570279437_7750327736293256781_n

Admission to the Humanitarian Award Ceremony in the Killarney Avenue Hotel at 8pm on Saturday  November 4th is free of charge but places are limited and can be reserved in advance through the Killarney Chamber Office on Beech Road (064) 6637928 / e-mail

Action: Consider attending. Listen to ‘Horizons’ on Radio Kerry Sundays 9am.


All about Climate…….Pray for the Paris Climate Agreement during the Talks in Bonn.

6th to  17th November/Samhain

Opening of COP 23 in Bonn Germany ie the next stage of  the Paris climate talks. Now 195 countries are meeting again.  They now decide on a “rule book” for the agreement they reached in Paris. 

This meeting will be co-hosted by the nation of Fiji. The people of Fiji, and many of their neighbors in the Pacific Islands, are under immediate threat from sea level rise.

 Action: Join people around the world in prayer each of these day. Shine the light of compassion on those who urgently need it around our common home

and also on the 6th….International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

This day recognizes the great importance of ensuring that action on the environment is part of conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peace building strategies – because there can be no durable peace if the natural resources that sustain livelihoods and ecosystems are destroyed.

Action:  Buy and start to read a little of the Pope’s encyclical ‘Laudato Si. On Care For our Common Home and try a daily prayer like “Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined to everything that is”. Pope Francis


9th November/Samhain    

Birthday of Dorothy Day
“…What we would like to do is change the world—make it a little simpler for people to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves as God intended them to do. And to a certain extent, by fighting for better conditions, by crying out unceasingly for the rights of the workers, of the poor, of the destitute…we can to a certain extent change the world; we can work for the oasis, the little cell of joy and peace in a harried world. We can throw our pebble in the pond and be confident that its ever widening circle will reach around the world.
We repeat, there is nothing that we can do but love, and dear God, please enlarge our hearts to love each other, to love our neighbor, to love our enemy as well as our friend” Love Is The Measure The Catholic Worker, June 1942

Action: Listen to the cry of the poor, and let us respond with loving hearts.


11th November/Samhain

Up for The Challenge? Community Solutions for Climate Change.Manor West Hotel, Tralee 9.30am -4.15pm (€10 including lunch; concessions available)

A day- long conference organised by Transition Kerry to explore how we can create community solutions to the challenges of climate change.

TK Up for the Challenge Oct 17 iRegister

Action: Consider attending and learning ways to live Laudato Si’…the Pope  Francis’  call to care for ‘our common home’. Registration essential.


St. Martin of Tours

“I am a soldier of Christ, I cannot fight”. St. Martin of Tours.

Pray for lasting peace in Syria, Iraq, the Holy Land and Burundi.


12th November/Samhain

Birth of Baha’u’llah

This day marks the celebration of the birth of the founder of the Baha’i faith.He was born in Tehran in 1817, the eldest don of a Persian nobleman.

Garden of Contemplation

Recently the Kerry Bah’i Community gave this amazing gift to the people of is located in Patrick Pearse Park.

Action: Go and visit.


17th November/Samhain

Final Day of COP 23 in Bonn…climate change talks to agree a “Rule Book” to implement the Paris agreement.

Action: Focus on Kenya

Timothy Njeru, Caritas Kenya “In Kenya, smallhold farmers and pastoralists like the Maasai are threatened by climate change, which makes rainfall unpredictable.  This affects both the cattle they traditionally manage and the garden farms they’ve turned to as a substitute.”

Prayer: We pray for the goodwill and grace of Indigenous people and all people whose children will not live as they have because of the changing climate.

Church teaching:  “In this sense, it is essential to show special care for indigenous communities and their cultural traditions. . . For them, land is not a commodity but rather a gift from God and from their ancestors who rest there, a sacred space with which they need to interact if they are to maintain their identity and values. (Laudato Si’, 146)


19th November/Samhain

World Day of the Poor – this is a first!

WDPoor 2017




“Let us love, not with words but with deeds”. Pope Francis