Ógra Beo

Bishop Ogra Beo

Ógra Beo, an exciting new initiative for youth is launched by Bishop Ray Browne in the Diocese of Kerry. Ógra Beo is a faith based parish programme for post primary young people. It is a response to the concern expressed by parishes about the lack of involvement of young people and is a resource for parishes as they reach out to young people.

Prompted by the words of Pope Francis “young people are the windows through which the future enters the world. This means that we have to create the material and spiritual conditions for their full development” It is hoped that Ógra Beo will help create a sense of welcome and belonging for young people in our parishes. It will also enhance their lives of prayer and worship, provide opportunities for them to understand and live their faith and encourage them to reach out to people who are in need both locally and globally.

Ógra Beo is an opportunity for young people to participate in training workshops which will include: getting involved in the parish, learning to work as a team, developing leadership skills, prayer and reflection, meeting friends and having fun. Having participated in the training workshops young people will be enabled to identify and carry out an action in response to a need in the local parish. On completion of the Ógra Beo programme parishes will acknowledge and celebrate the commitment and gifts of young people.

Ógra Beo will be coordinated by the Diocesan Pastoral Team and will provide training and a Resource Pack for adult leaders in local parishes and implement the Safeguarding Children policies and practices of the diocese.

Contact Details: Bernie McCaffrey, Ph. 087 6484367