A Comprehensive Approach

The Diocese of Kerry engages with young people through a comprehensive approach that involves young people, their families, their parish communities, and the larger community.

A multiplicity of talents, resources and interventions is required in order to respond adequately to the diverse needs of young people. As the developmental needs of young people vary, no one response meets all the needs. The approach being developed in the Diocese of Kerry builds on the youth work carried out by individuals, parishes, schools and organisations over the years.  It provides a coordinated, strategic approach for the benefit of all young people.

A coordinating group has been established at diocesan level with responsibility for devising a comprehensive approach to youth ministry and for overseeing the implementation of an integrated strategy for youth ministry.  This includes :

The diocese also have a number of staff involved in Primary Schools, Post-Primary Schools and in the Institute of Technology. The diocese supports parish and special events with a specific youth focus and also appreciates the efforts of many volunteers who dedicate themselves to this work. Such an integrated approach complements the particular expertise of all.

This comprehensive approach involves a ministry to, with, by and for young people that involves their families, their parish community and the larger community.  It is the church caring for the young, offering them Jesus’ delightful vision of human possibility.